Wish Return Policy Number

How to contact Wish And know Wish Return Policy?

Wish is an e-commerce platform that provides a wide range of products online. You can get different kinds of items and purchase them online through Wish. It is one of the leading mobile shopping applications and it allows the merchants to sell the items directly to the customers. It is available worldwide and it helps to connect millions of buyers and merchants using a single platform. It is one of the most used and also popular among e-commerce platforms. Shopping using Wish is like shopping from a place of a parallel universe, where sometimes you get the things for free also. As everything has its pros and cons so that Wish, in case you are dissatisfied or do not like the purchased products then you can go through the Wish return policy. By Wish return policy you will get to know about the procedures and conditions of returning the purchased item.

How to Contact Wish?

Usually, you will get your answer or solutions through FAQs, in case if it is not resolved. Then you can contact Wish through the mentioned methods:

  • Customer Support number: 000-800-040-1723
  • Customer Support email: support@wish.com

What is the wish return policy?

Well, the purchased items can be eligible for refund and returned within 30 days of delivery. But many items are having an exceptional case. Well, any purchased item can be returned and is eligible for a refund if it is flawed, damaged or improper.

Standard Return Policy

First, you need to contact the support to start the returning process.

You can start the return process within the 30 days of the ship date if the item does not come in the exception case. In case your purchased item has not arrived, then you can request a refund within 30 days of your ship date.

If the item delivered is flawed, damaged or incorrect, then you need to provide a picture of the item as a proof to return it. And also, if the item that is delivered is defective and incorrect or damaged in any ways such as high-value items then you need to return the item as per the Wish return policy to get a refund.

While returning your item you need to pay the shipping amount. The process of refund can take up to 14 days to be accredited to your original payment method.

Things that are excluded from Wish return policy and are non-returnable:

The mentioned items cannot be returned as per the wish return policy:

  • The items marked as “Final Sale” or the refurbished items are non- returnable.
  • Domestic Materials, including housework and cleaning materials, toilet paper, etc.
  • Unpreserved Objects, like eatables, food, pet food, drinks, vitamins and supplements.
  • Body and hygiene care products, like soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorants, feminine hygiene products, are cannot be refunded in case the seal on the package or container is damaged.
  • Sex Toys (excluding party favours), It cannot be returned if the packing is disturbed or the seal of the product is damaged.
  • Products or amenities covered by Merchant Policies. Few of the merchants handle issues, like returns or refunds according to their return policies. If you are unable to resolve an issue with a merchant under its policies, you may report the problem to us and we will try to resolve it.

Regional Return & Refund Policies of Wish:

Ship to Store Refunds and Restocking –

In case you have not picked up your order within 14 days of its arrival at the store, then need to pay a small restocking payment. Shipping amount will not be refunded in case the item was not picked up after being delivered on time.You will receive the notifications of the deadline and the arrival of the product.

For Pickup Now Products –

For orders such as Pickup Now Products, if the item is not fitting or you are dissatisfied by it, then you can request a return within 30 days of your shipping date. The item after the arrival at the store is not picked up by the purchaser within 14 days then it will be cancelled automatically. And one needs to pay the restocking fee and no refund will be generated for any processing fees.

Pickup Now Local Store Products –

The local store products that are sold by the small merchants after arriving on the store can be refunded if they are returned to the store within 7 days of the shipping date. The items should not be worn, damaged or washed or altered in any way while returning, as the store is having every right to refuse the return based on the condition of the item.

The rights as per the Wish return policy –

Wish is having all the right to refuse any return or refund if it is in improper condition and also limit customer support and refunds. Or if in case it violates the Terms of USE.It can limit the activity in the shopping apps if any abuse of Policy or violations of the Terms of Use will occur.